Creating a more
human office.



We designed Cloud9 for real people who work best at their desk. To imagine a new furniture system, Watson explored the open plan for insights. The result is a workstation that departs from the restrictive grid of traditional linear planning -- bending space, improving sightlines, and helping people to flow more organically.  

Cloud9 incorporates the most beautiful desk created by Danish design-engineer, Morten Nikolajsen. The Cloud9 system is designed and engineered by The Orchard, Watson's product innovation studio.


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The truth is, while the open plan works some of the time, privacy and focus are diminishing. We studied enclosure and openness to understand how they influence individuals and teams. The Cloud9 system employs articulating rail segments that bend from zero-to-ninety degrees in either direction. Cloud9 carves space differently adapting to people, buildings, and organizational culture. We call it generous density.



Cloud9 lets designers and planners create unique layouts tailored to the specific needs of a given individual and team. These workspace pods can be mirrored, daisy-chained, flipped, rotated, and repeated to create office environments that feel familiar, yet distinctly different. The modularity of the Cloud9 system allows organizations and people to adapt to change without disruption or a loss of momentum. Cloud9 bends space to people, not the other way around, to build a more human office.


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The Cloud9 Rail carries more than power to the people. The rail creates a new landscape topography. Modular by nature, the planter boxes, privacy screens, team tables, and neighborhood light define a
truly bespoke workstation. 



The Cloud9 Desk celebrates a European aesthetic that is purposeful and minimal. A finely engineered steel frame supports pendant storage and privacy screens to create an essential sense of place. Available in fixed and adjustable heights.


Meet the
Design Team


Cloud9 desk design
Morten Nikolajsen
Mohoni Studio, Svendborg, Denmark

My design philosophy is inspired by functionality and playfulness, attributes that permeate each process of design and underpin a holistic, innovative approach.
I am always thinking of new ways to improve products by breathing life into unconventional ideas. My work ranges from bicycles to lamps and furniture to industrial design.


Cloud9 system design
Ethan Pearl
The Orchard, Poulsbo, Washington

Driven by curiosity and guided by empathy for the end user, I thrive on difficult challenges. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest which fuels my passion for design that treads lightly upon the Earth. I share this belief with Watson and our Orchard team where I am the lead industrial designer and Neocon Gold winner for our product, Tia.


Cloud9 design development
Product Innovation Studio
The Orchard, Poulsbo, Washington

At Watson, we innovate at the intersection of humans and the workplace. The Orchard is a team of designers and engineers who engage in deep dialogue with users to build the future of work. From iterative prototypes to the final product launch, we apply curiosity and wizardry to bring patentable and sustainably-inspired ideas to life.


watson is a thriving pacific northwest manufacturer of furniture solutions for the commercial workplace. our products are ingredient-driven and designed with a modern environmental sensibility so that future generations may also thrive.


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